The Old Tree

We sat under a tree

Older than the buildings, older than our souls

And I laughed at all your jokes,

In your stories I got lost.

I wish you could’ve told me

That soon you’d had to go

But I should’ve known,

You also had dreams of your own.

Dreams you have to chase,

Dreams as big as the old tree

That stands tall with such grace

And like its roots clinging to the ground,

Your dreams are clinging to your heart,

Oh but how I wish we could buy a little more time

So please don’t you ever forget

That I fell for you in heartbeat and yet

I’m telling you: get ready, get set

I’m not chasing you because I’m on my own way

I have dreams, I have to sacrifice too.

And before you go, I want you to know

You were happiness, you were joy

You broke my heart, but not like those guys did before

You broke it, but only because you have to go.

A thousand stars had to align

For us to meet, for us to collide

And it was a pleasure for me to find,

To find you in this crowded life.

So thank you for the smiles,

Now, go live and please come back

With more stories to tell, until we lose track

And if the old tree still stands in that same spot

Maybe we can sit there and why not?

I’ll let you crack another joke as the sun goes down

And I’ll fall again in the blink of an eye

Oh, I can only dream of you

Making me laugh one last time.

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