Enough For Me

Can I ever be enough?

If I got scars that I can’t show

I’ve been broken, I’ve been shoved.

I’ve been pushed into the darkness,

And I’ve been screaming through the madness.

I’m tired of lying to myself

Like a doll, sitting still on a shelf

With a smile on her face,

so unaware of the pain.

So can I ever be enough?

If I’m a million pieces that once were one,

If I’m a shadow that once was light.

Yes, I’m so rusted, but I once shined.

I can’t let them love me

If I don’t even love myself,

This story I know all too well,

The one where I try to be anybody else.

A thousand words left unspoken,

Lights on, I’ve been awoken,

And I’m still learning

To love while broken.

I have to lose so that I can win,

I have to cry so that I can smile.

I have to break through the darkness

So that I can find my own happiness.

I have to pick myself up,

Not to be enough for you,

But so that I can be

More than enough for me.

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