Travel: 5 days in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

The Gomez family (my mom’s side of the family) is a big one. My great-grandma, who died recently at almost 100 years old, had 16 kids. All of them have their own kids and grandkids, so you can imagine. We’re all scattered through Mexico and the US, some even moved to Germany recently. As every mexican family, we’re very close, but it’s almost impossible to be all together at the same time, at the same place. So whenever we can, we take a vacation together (still, not all of us of course).

This is our third year going to Nuevo Vallarta during the summer. You can’t visit Mexico and not go to the beach; whether you prefer Los Cabos, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, you can expect the same hospitality, warm beaches, and a lot of sun and tequila.

We stayed at the Paradise Village Beach Resort, which is where some of my family has been staying for almost eight years now. So now, the fun part: the pictures.

This is an aeropicture of the entire resort. If you’re looking for a family vacation where you don’t have to leave the hotel, I’d say this is where you should go: there is food (my dad says the only problem is we don’t have enough stomach), and there is also a mall and a medical center.

A warm welcoming, full of palm trees and tropical air

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter is the big pyramid; there are stairs on the inside so you can walk up to the top and take pictures

The theme of the hotel is the mayan culture, and you can notice that in every little detail.

They have two tigers to welcome you: Duke and Daisy

They also have parrots of all colors

This one was my favorite

You can also find iguanas sunbathing on rocks

The main pool has two pyramids, a suspension bridge and two slides in the shape of cocodriles

There is also a second, big pool with a pyramid and a slide in the shape of a big snake; under the pyramid is a hidden jacuzzi

There are also jacuzzis hidden in every tower…

My family and I took walks every morning at eight. But with this view you don’t feel like you’re exercising at all

Needless to say, the sunset at the beach is breathtaking

The view from some of the towers at night is also beautiful

And now my favorites from the bar:

Daiquiri. This is a classic everyone loves. My favorite one: strawberry

Sex on the beach. This one is awkward to order in front of your family. Still, worth it.

And of course, my all time favorite: piña colada. I lost count of how many I ordered in the course of those five days.

My favorites from the snack-bar

You can’t go to the beach and not eat ceviche…

I really love onion rings too so…

But, my absolutely favorite was, of course, the sushi

You can order your food and drinks from the snack-bar and eat on the sunbeds while looking at the beach

As part of the all-included package, you get a dinner at one of the three restaurants of the hotel. We went to the Restaurant Mayapan on Sunday night.

Clam chowder is my favorite entree at the Mayapan…

But the citrus salad is also really good…

For the main course I love the “Arrachera” which is basically meat stuffed with veggies and cheese from Oaxaca

For dessert I asked for chocolate ice cream, because that’s my favorite…

My dad asked for cheesecake….

And my mom asked for a (mini) “tres leches” cake…

Here’s a picture of some of us at the Restaurant Mayapan.
And here I am, happy that I finally got my rose wine

My favorite part was waking up every morning to a capuccino at the buffet…

And I’m also a big fan of waffles and fruit for breakfast…

And of course, dessert never disappoints…

On top of all the food, every night they make dinner with a different theme. My favorite was on Monday: Mexican Fiesta

It’s always fun to see people from all around the world (we met people from France, Spain, Peru, Argentina, the US, Canada) enjoy part of your culture

They set up the tables around the pool so we could all watch the show: mariachi and the folkloric ballet show

They gave us a tequila shot at the main entrance, and they had some alcohol free, sweet drink, so kids could also do “shots”

We had mexican food, mexican desserts and everything was so full of green, white and red

At the end of the night we were all dancing around the tables, we had so much fun!

And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have fireworks

On our last day in Nuevo Vallarta, we got to leave the hotel to go to a yacht!

This is the Marina Puerto Vallarta, where people keep their boats and yachts.

One of my aunt’s boss let her borrow his (who doesn’t want a boss like that, right?)

It was definitely an experience we won’t forget!

And now, some of my favorite pics!

Every time I wear a bikini I have some kind of mental breakdown, because I don’t like my body. I’m always thinking I could look better. But, without doubt, life is a lot more enjoyable when you put all that to the side and enjoy the moment.
Doesn’t my sister Veronica look like a model?
My brother Francisco and my cousin Fernanda jumping to the pool.
I love this swimsuit because I can just put on a pair of shorts and it looks amazing!
These sunglasses are my favorites!
My sister again looking beautiful at the yacht
This was my favorite outfit because of this fun skirt! I got it from Reina Diaz collection, she has tons of fun, tropical skirts like this one
Just a small fraction of my family. I had so much fun with them!

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Vallarta (or any beach in Mexico) or if you’re planning to! Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Travel: 5 days in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Wow it’s fantastic. The beaches and the layout are amazing. The aerial picture literally took my breath away.
    You guys are soo cool. You and your sister look soo alike. Resemblance is uncanny.
    I’m certainly thinking of visiting Mexico. You know I actually need some advice. Will it offend people if I decide to opt out alcohol cuz I’m a teetotaler??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not at all! My mom has never drinked in her life and my dad has been sober for 23 years now, but they still had fun! There are plenty of delicious drinks that are alcohol free😊
      I’m glad you liked the post💕

      Liked by 1 person

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