Back to School Tips

I am officially out of school; or at least I’ve completed all my credits, which means I don’t have to go to any classes anymore. However, I thought I could share some of the tips that made my life easier on my days of school; I also included some of my sister’s tips, she is starting Business School this month!

So, let’s start with the essentials: what you need on your backpack:

1. Phone charger. I was not used to carry my phone charger with me all the time, because I would usually just go out for a few hours and then go back home. But, since I started uni and I had to go to a campus  30 minutes away everyday, and sometimes I would have to stay there from early morning ‘till around 7 pm, my phone charger was vital to me. Remember, it is very important to keep your phone charged at all times in case of an emergency.

2. Hand sanitizer. My sister is basically a germ freak, but I’ve learned from her that it is very important to keep a mini-hand sanitizer on your purse or backpack, since you’re hands are not always clean, and we don’t always remember or have the chance to wash them before eating.

3. Mini body mist or lotion. This is really up to you, but it is really helpful, especially when you spend long hours at school. There were days when I had to attend my classes in the morning and then I had some presentation or trial simulation in the afternoon, and I had to look more “presentable”. Carrying my own body mist made me and even some of my friends feel at least a little bit refresh.

4. Blotting paper. This was also a life savior for me. It’s really helpful when it comes to days when it’s hot and your skin feels oily.

5. Mints. I mean, no one wants to be known around school for having a bad breath, right?

6. Toothbrush. It might sound weird, because I don’t know how many people actually do this, but after learning the hard way, I started carrying a mini toothbrush with me all the time. Again, this is because I had to go to a different city for school and I couldn’t spend all day without brushing my teeth.

7. Mini hair brush and mirror. It is always nice to be able to brush your hair, especially after long hours at school. And the mirror is something everyone needs; even my male classmates asked to used mine from time to time.

My sister and I bought these mini hair brushes that also have mirrors. They are so cute and practical!

8. Headphones. I couldn’t go out of my house in the morning without my headphones. I needed music in the morning to get ready for my day, and I needed music on the bus on the way back home, to feel less stressed.

Now, it’s time to share some of my favorite tips that made my life a lot easier during school days:

Since I would wake up at 5 am everyday, to be ready at 6 am to take the bus and be on time for my 7 am class, I obviously had no time to pick an outfit in the morning.

This magical beverage did wonders for me and I didn’t even like it before starting uni. I would get the coffee machine ready the night before, so that I could just hit the start button in the morning. Also, buying a coffee machine might sound expensive, but it actually saves you tons of money in the long run.

Sometimes I would have my schedule full from 7 am until 2 pm. No breaks. So lunch time depended on my professors. So, although it might be different in every school, it is a good idea to eat at least something before leaving your house. An apple might help with your energy, and almonds help you focus on class (this is one of my sister’s favorite tips).

It is really important because that way we are helping the environment (that way you don’t have to be buying plastic bottles all the time). It’s also important to be hydrated all the time, and I found helpful to have my bottle of water with me all the time; it reminds me to keep drinking.

How cool is this water bottle they gave us for our annual “Lawyers’ Week”?

This depends on you and the time you have, but it was nice to bring my own lunch from time to time. It helped me save money and stay healthy.

Especially when you’re in college or university, it is important to actually be respectful to your teachers (it’s not cool to be mean to them anymore, like some thought it was in high school). Building a nice, professor-student relationship can be very helpful, not only because you have the chance to learn more from their experience and you’re also more comfortable asking questions, they might even guide you once you’re out of school and ready to get a job. Relationships are everything.

Make sure to pay attention to these, in case you are interested. I never got the chance to study abroad during law school, but I had friends that went to Colombia, Spain and even Germany, and without a doubt it’s a very formative experience. Most of the time schools help with the financial part of it, so make sure to ask as many questions as you need.

Sadly, in my school they never really told us there was a whole catalog of classes that were not related to our careers, but we could still take. That’s why it’s important to go and ask. I started taking German lessons in my 7th semester, and it was sad because I would’ve liked to take that class during my whole career. But now my sister knows about this class and will take it from the 1st semester. Remember that there is no such thing as “too much learning”; everything will be helpful eventually, so if you have the time, take a different class you’re interested in.

This is very important. It is so easy to fall into the routine and not exercise at all or eat mostly junk food. Stress can be tricky. I struggled with my anxiety during those five years, and had to learn the hard way how to control it. Exercising helps you release stress, and you can visit this post to check out my favorite YouTube channels that saved me from drowning (because I didn’t have the time or money to go to the gym). I used to save Sundays to dedicate to myself (no school and no work); I would exfoliate, put on a face mask and an eye mask to rest my eyes (this felt awesome after a long, tiring week). Again, it’s very important for your mental health and your general health. Your future-self will thank you.

Do you have any more tips for school? Share them with us in the comments! Good luck in this new school year.

One thought on “Back to School Tips

  1. Love your list of essentials; the hairbrush/mirror is so cute and practical. I am not a germ freak but, after taking a delicious, organic lavender hand sanitizer on my trip to Australia, I have loved having a little bottle to carry around just for the sake of it. Staying clean never hurt anyone.

    Picking out an outfit the night before is a wonderful way to avoid a morning rush. 🙂

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