Do you believe in ghosts?

I guess we all have a different answer to this question. Many of us are in between. 

I could say I have always believed in ghosts, and at the same time I always look for a “rational explanation” to every “paranormal” experience in my life. I got that from my dad. He definitely doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Maybe is because of the word “ghost”, and how it implies that someone is there, but not physically, and they go around haunting and scaring people. I like to call it just “energy”. I believe that sometimes, people don’t leave entirely. Sometimes, our energy remains in this world. Mainly because I don’t think we are a body with a soul; I think we are a soul with a body. At the end, our body is disposable. And what happens to our souls when we die… well, I guess that’s a whole different subject. It really depends on your own, personal beliefs. 

But, since Halloween is coming up, I thought I could share some of the “paranormal” experiences I’ve had throughout my life, and maybe you could share some of yours with me.

The very first paranormal experience I had was when I was about six years old. I know, it was a long time ago, but I remember clearly. We were living in an old house at the time; it was set up in a strange way, where the bedrooms and living room were separated from the kitchen, dining room and bathroom by a big patio. 

One afternoon, my mom needed to take a shower. My sister was about two months old, and my mom had wrapped her in a blanket “burrito” style. My dad was still at work, and he was staying late, so my mom asked me to watch my sister, who was sleeping, while she took a quick shower. 

While I was there waiting, I suddenly got the urge to go pee. My mom was already finishing with her shower, when we both heard my sister crying. She hurried to the bedroom and I followed. To our surprise, when we arrived, my sister was nowhere to be found. We could hear her crying, but she wasn’t there. 

Of course, my mom went crazy. Her first thought was that my dad was back and was probably joking around. She looked behind every door, nothing. She thought maybe someone had gotten in and was trying to steal my sister. Once we were done looking for her in the bedroom, we went outside. Nothing. We could still listen to my sister crying, and it seemed like it came from the bedroom, so we went back in there. 

While my mom was desperately calling for my dad, a thought crossed my mind: she’s under the bed. It didn’t make sense. The pillows my mom had put around my sister were still there, untouched. There was a big rocking chair next to the bed, that I had to move so that I could look under it. And there she was. My sister was still impeccably wrapped in her blanket. She was right in the middle, just where my mom had left her, but instead of being on the bed she was under it.

My mom took her to a doctor immediately. She had no bruises, no internal damage. My mom says it was almost as if someone had taken the baby, and put her on the floor. Even to this day, we can’t explain what happened. Not even my dad.

My mom says that back when we used to live in that house, I had an imaginary friend. I was always talking and playing with “him” (I would always refer to the friend as a “he”). She thought it was normal, until one day she noticed that whenever I talked to this “friend”, I would look up, as if he were a lot taller than me. She thought it was strange, but again, most kids have imaginary friends, right?

Many people have rented that house since we left, and most of them leave before in a few months, swearing that the house is haunted. Some of them have assured us that it is an old, tall man haunting the house.

Flash forward to the house my parents own right now. This is not an old house; my parents bought the land and built it, so there is no “old, unknown history” in this place. 

For some reason, the room my sister and I used to share seemed to have a lot of “activity”. The first weird thing that happened that I can remember, was about a toy. My little brother was around 1 year old, and he had this small ball that would turn blue and red lights when you’d touch it. He loved that ball. So one night, my sister and I were in our bedroom. Our parents were already sleeping in their room with my brother. The only light that was on was ours. It was around midnight, and I was sitting on the floor, giving my back to the door. I was putting my toys away when I noticed on the reflection of the shelf red and blue lights. The reflection was distorted, but it seemed like someone small was playing with my brother’s ball, crossing the dark hall and heading to the bathroom. I turned around, thinking it was my little brother, but no one was there. I was so sure I had seen someone walking outside my bedroom that I waited for someone to walk back to my parents’ room. I waited for someone to turn on the light of the bathroom, but nothing happened. I checked the hall, the bathroom, everywhere. No one was there.

I would often hear sounds on my wall. It sounded like nails scratching and tapping the wall, and one night my sister and I heard a very loud sight inside our room. It wasn’t my sister, and it wasn’t me. We were so freaked out, we had to sleep with the light on that night. 

We also heard knocking on our door one night, which it was impossible. You see, there is a gate at the front of the house, you then would have to cross the garage to get to our door, but there is no way you can open the gate without the keys. My mom also heard the knocking and was as confused as my sister and I. I opened the door, and obviously, no one was there.

The last scary thing I remember happening in our bedroom happened two nights in a row. The first night I abruptly woke up from a heavy sleep. I checked my phone, and it was 3 in the morning. But something didn’t feel right. The room felt crowded. Like there were too many people coming and going. Something told me not to pay attention to it, and I went back to sleep, still with the feeling of people being there. The next night, the same happened. Woke up abruptly, 3 in the morning, but this time the room wasn’t crowded. This time, there was a man next to me. He didn’t even pay attention to me; he was looking through my stuff. He was going through the drawers in my night table. He looked tall and skinny, but I couldn’t see his face. Again, I fell asleep. 

Shortly after, my sister and I moved to a different room, which we kept sharing. This room somehow felt darker. The energy felt heavier. Again, I would wake up at 3 in the morning in a very crowded room, but somehow “they” would send me back to sleep. It was so real to me that I would take my phone and sleep with it on my hand because there were too many people there and I didn’t want any of them stealing it. I know, it sounds like I’m insane and should go get checked. 

I suddenly started to feel a really heavy presence in the room at night. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep. After a month of this happening, I was exhausted. So I talked to my sister. She said she had been feeling the same thing. We both had been “feeling” the presence of a man in the room. And I say “feeling” because we never really saw him. It was all in that same weird phase of being half awake, half dreaming. But could it be possible that we were both having the same dream? We both saw a tall, skinny man standing at the door. We both knew he was wearing a coat, a hat and he was carrying a suitcase. He would never walk into the room; he would just stand at the door, watching. And this had been happening for a month. We were so freaked out, we told our mom. She seemed to believe us, even though it sounded insane. After we told our mom, we never felt or saw him again.

Little things have been happening here and there, like the other day when I was in the kitchen and saw from the corner of my eye someone entering my room. I was home alone. 

I guess you could say most of these things have an explanation. Or, you could say I’m insane. But, again, we all believe different things. We all see things differently, and that’s ok.

But if you do believe in ghosts, would you share your stories with me? I would love to read them!

One thought on “Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. I was raised to a belief that ghosts do not exist and that’s what I believed. I mean, why would my mom deceive me right? Until I have experienced it and realized it’s not merely deceiving, more on, so I’d not be afraid. My experience were crazy and direct and there were other people with me too so it cannot be countered by skeptics that I was imagining it because we were 4 on the vehicle and 5 in the house, separate occasions.

    Based on your story, it looks like you’ve got a poltergeist. Did you do something afterwards? I mean, for your house?


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